What We Do

Since 1988 St. Johns Food Share (formerly Golden Harvesters) has been a member-owned, volunteer-powered food sharing community. We fight hunger by ensuring everyone has access to an adequate amount of affordable, nutritious food. We empower hundreds of North Portland families by providing fresh produce, dairy products, protein and staples, while keeping good food out of the waste stream.

Bread donated to the St. John’s Food Share, each year we distribute over 300,000 pounds of food to families in St Johns, North and Northwest Portland, and across Metro Portland. Our sustainable, eco-friendly practices offer food security to hundreds of people each month.


Who We Serve

Everyone is welcome at St. Johns Food Share. We serve our membership community, as well as other food pantries, shelters and the faith community when we have abundant donations. There are no income requirements or residency restrictions.

St. Johns is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Portland. 60% of residents are non-white, nearly 25% within the 97203 zip code live at or below the poverty line. St. Johns Food Share is here to empower all families and promote human dignity.

How it Works

We work with retailers to collect and make good use of unsold fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen products, baked goods, dairy products, canned goods and packaged goods. This arrangement helps retailers avoid expensive disposal of food that is still safe and healthy to eat. Sometimes produce may have slight blemishes; some items may be close to expiration date.

You’ll find a variety of foods, and you select the items you prefer for your own household. We are not like a food pantry, where items might be chosen for you and offered in a pre-packed box. St Johns Food Share has refrigerated items too! Our warehouse offers safe storage of food in both freezers and refrigerators. Our members can save hundreds of dollars a month on food, easing the strain on overall monthly budgets.

Our Team

Tiffany Slottke
Norma Doyle
Tom Karwaki
Members at Large

Jack Cook
Jean Korte
Jay Beaudoin
Kay Chuinard
Amy Davis



Our Partners

Contact us if you want to participate in sustainable practices to keep healthy food out of the waste stream. See all our food donors and community supporters – we couldn’t do it without you!